Siding exterior coating systems; It is an exterior coating material that protects the facade of the main structures in which it is lived from moisture, moisture and corrosion, does not require an average of half a century of paint and maintenance and can live for a lifetime. The Grassiding ® application system is completely separate from siding in terms of material structure and appearance, and the only reason for the name similarity is that the usage areas are the same. Grassiding ® is produced as a result of plastering of synthetic turf carpets of various densities and weights, which are made of polypropylene material, on the backing of 1 × 10 meter rolls by forming a butum based layer. After Grassiding ® has become a finished product, the layer is melted by heating the lining or membrane glued onto the floor by melting and the melting layer is adhered to the surface as a result of the integration of the melted base and the exterior surface is different from other siding and coatings we get a close and natural appearance. Grassiding ®, which has a unique method in the world in terms of application technique, is the first decorative exterior coating material glued with chalk.

Grassiding ® is a waterproofing material at the same time, apart from the different appearance it creates on the exterior façades, and it has a significant contribution to the sound and heat insulation of our building which has been proven by university reports.

It protects the building and extends its life as a construction material besides the aesthetic appearance it adds to the main task of the building. Grassiding ® can be designed according to the concept of the building as well as the standard product range of villa facades, private hotel grassiding, in short, the building is at the service of anyone who wants to give a living lawn image.


According to the product test reports of Grassiding Istanbul Technical University;

It has 750 kg tensile strength.
It provides 100% water isolation.
It provides extra heat saving up to 20% compared to equivalent exterior products.
Provides up to 15% extra sound insulation compared to equivalent exterior products.