In hot weather, it can be climbed and repaired and applied. (There is no bitumen asphalt in the top layer of Grasshingle. The bottom layer is covered with bitumen asphalt.) The surface is covered with polyethylene rope and can be walked on. The carrier part of Grasshingle is made of dense textured jute. Its strength is much higher than other shingles. The bottom layer of Grasshingle is covered with elastic app added bitumen between 3mm and 3.5mm and it has the feature of not breaking the leaves in cold weather and not removing leaves in windy weather. Grasshingle can be applied at temperatures above 35 ° C and helps to reduce labor costs. The top layer of Grasshingle consists of UV-reinforced polyethylene yarns, UV resistant and homogeneous structure, more resistant to sun rays, more resistant to color fading. Grasshingle has a structure more resistant to storms due to its app additive coefficient and bitumen thickness.

Grasshingle does not contain dust thanks to its antistatic rope texture. provides visuality. Grasshingle Wooden roof (cradle type) is produced for roofing construction material in apartments, villas, social facilities, pergolas, public buildings. Shingle known as application detail There is no difference. After the insulation membrane or shingle cover is laid on the existing roof surface (wood veneer or OSB coating), it is applied from the roof end to the roof backbone. On the lower surface of the grasshingle leaf, bituminous surface covering is removed and the gelatin is removed and anchored to the surface thanks to its self-adhesive material. After the entire roof surface is shaken and glued, ridge work is done from the shingle’s own leaves or Grassmembrane and the roof is completed.

GRASSHINGLE TEST REPORTS According to the product test reports made at Grasshingle Istanbul Technical University;
It has 750 kg tensile strength.
It provides 100% water isolation.
It provides extra heat saving up to 20% compared to equivalent shingle products.
Provides up to 15% extra sound insulation compared to equivalent shingle products.