GrassDeck provides superior protection with the appearance of grass. GrassDeck has a synthetic grass surface and is mounted on PVC Decke with polyurethane adhesive. Portable-portable flooring system. The holes on the product allow the floor to breathe and do not accumulate moisture. Suitable for all types of grass. This product is ideal for applications requiring on-site equipment, trailers and light commercial vehicle traffic. It protects the underlying floor against abrasion and forms a solid ground. It provides an economical and high performance durable floor for concerts and similar events organized in large-scale tents, hospital tents or festivals. It is also the perfect choice of temporary flooring for various activities on delicate, rough and rough surfaces such as sand and soil. Thanks to its special modular design, it is quickly installed and removed. ANTIBACTERIAL for installation (No microbes, bacteria, insects, ticks live) ANTISITATIC (No electricity, no dust formation when using) ANTISTAIN (No stains such as acids, bases, oil, alcohol) NOT REPAIR EASY APPLICATION (Easy and fast) 10 YEARS GUARANTY (Apply and all Grass products are guaranteed for 10 years.)