Grassmebran roof and terrace coating systems; It is a roof and terrace coating material that protects the decking and roofing board of the main structures experienced from moisture, moisture and corrosion effect and does not require maintenance for an average of half a century. Grassmembrane application system and material structure are produced as an alternative to classical slate stone membrane. Grassmembrane is produced by absorbing high quality bitumen asphalt with a very special technology of synthetic grass carpet of various frequency and weight which is woven on the base cloth made of polyethylene material. Unlike other membranes, it can be produced at 4 m width and 30 meters length. (Maximum) The purpose is to make the areas efficient with minimum wastage on terrace roofs and breaking roofs with minimum workmanship. Due to the size of the piece, the maximum area isolation is provided, and the joints are minimized compared to other membranes. This is the largest navigable terrace roofing material produced so far. Grassmembrane, which has a unique method in terms of application technique, is the first decorative roof and terrace covering material which is adhered with shining. Grassmembran is a waterproofing material besides its distinctive appearance with its roof and terrace and it is a product that is proven to sound and heat insulation of your building with university reports. It protects the building and extends its life as a construction material besides the aesthetic appearance it adds to the main task of the building. Grassmembran can be designed according to the concept of the building and with its standard product range, it serves for many years on the terraces and roofs of villas, apartment terraces and roofs, hotels, holiday villages, retirement homes, social facilities and all commercial and administrative buildings. .

According to the product test reports made at Istanbul Technical University,

There is a tensile strength of 750 kg per square meter. It provides 100% water isolation. It provides up to 20% extra heat saving compared to equivalent membrane products. Provides up to 15% extra sound insulation compared to equivalent membrane products. Grassmembran is the only navigable terrace and roofing material. Due to this feature, golf and botanical garden cafes and recreation areas on your terraces can be created children’s playgrounds, 100% waterproofing roof terrace and roof covering is the only roof that provides water insulation.