Exterior and interior are manufactured as short partition wall. In all interior and exterior spaces, the main purpose is to obtain a lush wall and provide the closest view to the natural lawn. It can be used as interior partition and short wall material in interior and exterior spaces. It can be produced in different sizes and heights according to the projects. Can be prepared in accordance with the operating standards of the spaces. It is prepared in three different sizes as standard. Dimensions: 20cm width 80cm height 80cm width 20cm width 80cm height 120cm width 20cm width 80cm height 160cm width Global warming is being felt day by day, environmentalist projects make us feel more and more. Grass set is produced to serve these purposes. Grass set is produced by coating synthetic grass on steel construction. It is also produced as flat grass with flower bed and above. Decorative and lightweight. Due to its three different sizes, it fits easily to many projects. Optionally, logos and decorative wrought iron works can be done on the front surface areas.